Premiere: Allie Crow Buckley Shares New Single “Utopian Fantasy”

Oct 20, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Katherina Acevedo

Over the last few years, Los Angeles-based musician Allie Crow Buckley has been steadily building her style as a singer/songwriter, recalling the evocative lyrical mysteries of artists like Joni Mitchell married with swelling instrumental expanses and discordant guitar tones. She debuted in 2019 with her EP, So Romantic, and followed last year with her full-length debut record, Moonlit and Devious.

This year, she signed with Nettwek and once again began teasing new music with her latest single, “Angel.” Today she’s back with another new track, “Utopian Fantasy,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Angel” reintroduced Buckley with one of her most instrumentally grand efforts yet, blending indie rock heights with a vulnerable folktronica undercurrent. “Utopian Fantasy” is similarly ornate, but instead evokes Buckley’s talents for moonlit mysticism, steadily building from its thrumming introduction into a colorful fantasia of twinkling synth melodies. Lyrically, the track meditates on the moment when an inviting fantasy turns dark, tumbling in on itself until the dreamer is lost withinー“Born of the gold spring/Living out my utopian fantasy/It’s harder than it would seem/I’ve been lost in lost in lost in everything.”

Buckley says of the track, “I think of this song as a mystical trip that’s all just getting to be a bit too much. Getting lost in trying to find the beauty, and falling into the well of it all.”

Check out the song below, out everywhere tomorrow via Nettwerk.

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