Premiere: Alex Mabey Shares New Track “Wait”

Feb 15, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Joshua Veldstra

Later this week, folk singer/songwriter Alex Mabey is back with her new LP, The Waiting Room. The album navigates grief and anger with an empathetic voice, exploring Mabey’s feelings in the wake of leaving an emotionally abusive marriage. As she explains, “It’s called The Waiting Room because it mirrors the period of time before finding the answer—the miracle—that I was waiting for. Some people never leave their waiting rooms. I want this album to sit with people in theirs and give them comfort first, then empowerment to get free.”

Mabey teased the record last year with her single “The Well,” and followed earlier this year with her most recent release, “These Wings.” Today, she’s back with her latest single, “Wait,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Wait” represents a dramatic change of pace from the country-tinged rock and pastoral folk of her latest two singles. In contrast, Mabey’s latest effort is meditative and patient, offering a stark meditation on healing and growth. The track opens acapella, with Mabey accompanied only by her snaps. As the song winds onward, swelling strings shade the track with an added dramatic weight, anchoring Mabey’s vocals as they ascend upward. At long last, the building tension abates as Mabey lets her pain outward in a soaring climax, finally finding the peace and catharsis she has been searching for.

As she describes, “This is the most unique song I’ve ever written, with such a radical story behind it. As I was healing from my divorce in a cabin in Washington, I asked for a song like no other—I wanted the inspiration for a song that was all mine. I’m a believer in God, and as I was praying, I started humming— words, melodies, and harmonies started coming down all at once. Before I knew it, I had a whole song, acapella, with just me snapping in my voice memo. Months later, in the studio, I wanted to hear what it would sound like to add full strings to just my voice, and we ended up loving it. This song is for anyone in their own waiting room– before the answer, diagnosis, miracle, or dream they believe in. Hold on. The help is coming, and the help is good.”

Check out the song and video below. The Waiting Room is out everywhere on February 17th.

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