Premiere: “3 of Us, 2 of You” from Original Score to Animal Kingdom

Jul 09, 2021

By Charles Steinberg

​As season five of TNT’s Animal Kingdom gets set to jump off this Sunday night, the original soundtrack from the first four seasons is getting its release today, via WaterTower Music. Under the Radar has an exclusive sneak-listen at what composers Alexis Marsh & Samuel Jones have in store for the continuation of the popular crime drama. The charging mass of percussion signals all of the seat-of-your-pants, heated tension fans have come to expect from this romp through the underground So-Cal crime world, and all of its hijinx.

The multi-instrumentalist composing duo have sturdily built up the sound to this world and are excited to share the ways they’ve expanded upon it:

“It’s a lot of fun to translate metaphors and adjectives into music. In developing the sound of the Animal Kingdom score, the producers used words like ‘muscular,’ ‘broken glass,’ ‘jagged,’ and our collective favorite ‘bilious contempt’ – which we still laugh about five years on. Each season we’ve pushed the score into new areas of what those descriptors could sound like by using pedals, modular synths, or extreme digital manipulations to shape the sound of recorded drums, guitar, and bass.”

They continue, “The overarching direction has always been to make it unsettling. The essential tension for us is in contrasting how successful the Codys are when they work together with how self-destructive they are when they break off from the family – how they all crave independence at various points, but then make these agonizing choices that only bind them tighter to one another. We have to balance musical elements carefully to avoid sentimentality, convey the seriousness of the situations, but also allow for moments of relief and levity so the pressure doesn’t become overwhelming.”

Get ready to continue the ride and listen to “3 of Us, 2 of You” here:

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