POND Share Video for New Song “Pink Lunettes”

Apr 01, 2021

By Joey Arnone

Australian psych-rock band POND have shared a video for a new song titled “Pink Lunettes.” It is their first new music release since their 2019 album Tasmania, and it is out now via Spinning Top/Secretly Distribution. Watch the video, directed by POND alongside Jamie Terry, below.

Frontman (and former Tame Impala bassist) Nick Allbrook speaks about the new song in a press release: “We sort of lurched straight outta mid-tempo into totally wired speed wobble punk so I didn’t really have time to write lyrics, just blurt scrapbook snippets and jitter around in fast forward. I think we managed to jitter along the neon tightrope between totally unhinged, strobing spontaneity and focused forward momentum.”

Tasmania featured the songs “Burnt Out Star” (one of our Songs of the Week), “Daisy” (another one of our Songs of the Week), “The Boys Are Killing Me,” and “Hand Mouth Dancer.”

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