Polar Noir Releases Single For World Oceans Day

Jun 08, 2021

By Dom Gourlay

Munich based singer, songwriter and producer Sandra Gern releases her debut single “If Everybody Listened” under the guise Polar Noir today (Tuesday 8th June) for World Oceans Day. Fusing elements of ambient electronica with traditional dreampop, “If Everybody Listened” is a melancholic yet spiritually uplifting piece that draws comparisons with the likes of Slowdive, Beach House and Cocteau Twins. Gern has also made an accompanying video that features several Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and movements that fight for its protection. Additionally the song and video are being used for a television campaign by German NGO Orange Ocean that will be shown for the next few months.

Speaking about the project Polar Noir and the single, Gern says:-

“A few months ago I had the idea to launch a new music project and make a song and a video for World Oceans Day on June 8 with the desire to draw attention to the situation of the oceans on an emotional-artistic level. At the end of the video I make an editorial listing of organizations I would like to support. I have designed the video so that it is clear that I am not being paid and it is not a collaboration.”

Among those listed are Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, Oceanic Preservation Society, OceanCare, Whale & Dolphin Conservation, The Ocean Cleanup, NRDC, Fridays for Future, Students for Future, Black in Marine Science, STOP FINNING, Ocean Sounds, Bund, NABU, Orange Ocean, Pro Wildlife, DEEPWAVE and Brot für die Welt.

“For me, the song and video were about meeting the underwater world at eye level as in a “conversation” and understanding from a human perspective what we are doing to them. It’s about respect, humility towards life, towards the ocean and about a feeling of guilt to be part of a sick system. And about the process of understanding that we are all interdependent.”

“If Everybody Listened” is available on all streaming services now. In the meantime, here’s the awesome video.



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