Nirvana “Nevermind” Baby’s Lawsuit Dismissed By Judge

Jan 04, 2022

By Joey Arnone

A judge has dismissed the case regarding the artwork to Nirvana’s Nevermind constituting as child sexual exploitation. Spencer Elden, who was photographed on the cover when he was four months old, filed the lawsuit against the band back in August, stating that he suffered “lifelong damages” as a result of the artwork.

Last month, a lawyer representing the band argued that Elden’s claim is “not serious,” adding: “A brief examination of the photograph, or Elden’s own conduct (not to mention the photograph’s presence in the homes of millions of Americans who, on Elden’s theory, are guilty of felony possession of child pornography) makes that clear.” The case was dismissed after Elden missed the December 30 deadline to file an opposition to this motion. He now has until January 13 to file a complaint which addresses “defects” in the statements of Nirvana’s legal team. If he misses that deadline, the case will be officially closed.

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