Nick Hakim Shares Video For New Single “M1”

Oct 05, 2022

By Joey Arnone

Photography by Jack McKain

Nick Hakim has shared a video for his new single “M1.” Co-produced by DJ Dahi and Andrew Sarlo, it is the latest release from Hakim’s forthcoming album, Cometa, which will be out on October 21 via ATO. View below.

Sarlo speaks about the video in a press release: “I’ll never forget when Nick was opening up sessions he had previously been creating for the album and ‘M1’ was just a DJ Dahi drum loop, a choir synth take plus a sub bass sound with minimal editing. It was an immediate head turner and we knew we had to mine it. Later that night Nick delivered an insane scratch vocal take that still gives me chills just recalling the first moment I heard him ascend melodically during the chorus refrain. We tend to have one song during the final stages of the album process that is a hard one to crack and the adrenaline rush of finishing ‘M1’ in time was very gratifying. It’s definitely solidified as one of my favorite Nick songs.”

Upon announcement of the new album, Hakim shared its lead single, “Happen.” He later shared the album track “Vertigo.”

Hakim’s previous album, WILL THIS MAKE ME GOOD, came out in 2020.

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