NATO was suspected of moving troops to the borders of Belarus and Ukraine

Army convoy caught on video

NATO continues to build up its force in Eastern Europe. Large formations of the US Army are moving from Germany through Poland towards the east. Eyewitnesses report that military equipment is being concentrated near the border of Poland with Belarus. Tanks and heavy artillery were seen in the army columns. “MK” suggested where the formations of the US army and its allies are sent and how this is connected with the recent aggravation of relations between Belarus and the EU.

Photo: AP

Another train with NATO military equipment proceeded through Poland towards the east. As MK previously reported, the Bundeswehr formations began redeploying troops closer to the border with Belarus. On Wednesday, November 24, a new video appeared, taken at the Legnica station in southern Poland. Eyewitnesses removed a train with military equipment that passed through the local railway junction.

As part of the troops being transferred from Germany to Eastern Europe, experts identified large-caliber self-propelled artillery pieces “ Palladin '' American production, as well as & ndash; charging machines. The artillery most likely belongs to one of the units of the US Army stationed in Germany. & Nbsp;

Local media suggest several routes the train could have followed. Some say that the train is sent to one of the landfills near the border of Poland and Ukraine, others & ndash; that troops are being transferred to the border with Belarus.

Earlier, the EU and NATO condemned the government of Belarus for “ using hybrid methods of pressure '' to Poland. Brussels condemns the actions of the Belarusian authorities, which, in their opinion, led to the next migration crisis at the borders of the European Union. Thousands of people are trying to break into Polish territory, which is why the local authorities had to pull troops to the border.

As explained in an interview with MK. military expert Alexander Mikhailovsky, the redeployment of American troops in the winter is not typical for the US army. The real purpose of the transfer of NATO troops to Eastern Europe is most likely another attempt to exacerbate the situation in Ukraine.

– All stories about the migrant crisis & ndash; this is, excuse me, in favor of the poor. Several thousand migrants have accumulated there. Why transfer tanks and large-caliber artillery for this? This is another pretext for building up the contingent in Eastern Europe and the Baltics. By the way, if this video was filmed somewhere in northern Poland, I would say that armored vehicles are going to the exercises in the Baltic States. But Legnica is located to the south, and this is alarming. If you go further east & ndash; then it's straight to the border with Ukraine.

The Polish city of Legnica. Photo: Still from video

– I think we will find out after some time. Most likely, the United States is sending troops to reinforce the NATO contingent near the border with Ukraine. Even under Trump, there was talk about the creation in Poland of a large military base for 20 thousand troops, which was proposed to be called “ Fort Trump. '' No one has given up on plans to move troops east at the Pentagon. This means that the troops will move further and further, closer and closer to us. In case they want to cross the border with Ukraine & hellip; Do not know. Until recently, I would say that they would not be solved.

– There are not such great distances. If the troops are stationed in the conditional Lublin, then it will be almost the same for them as to Lvov as to Brest. The question is, for how long have they arrived. If forever, then we can safely say that another slow “ offensive '' NATO East has officially begun.


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