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Story Protests in Kazakhstan amid rising gas prices

58-year-old Kazakh ex-official and former head of Bank Turan Alem; (BTA Bank) & nbsp; Mukhtar Ablyazov , hiding abroad, called himself the leader of the opposition and protest movements in Kazakhstan. He announced this in an interview with Reuters.

“I see myself as the leader of the opposition. Every day protesters call me and ask: “What should we do? We are standing here: what should we do? “, Ablyazov told the agency. & Nbsp;

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He also added that he is ready to come to Kazakhstan and head the interim government if the protests escalate. & Nbsp; He also called on the West to “ take Kazakhstan out of Moscow's orbit. '' At the same time, he did not say exactly how the Western countries should “ take Kazakhstan out of Russia's orbit, '' says Reuters. In addition, the banker noted that & nbsp; did not receive funds from Western countries to coordinate the protests in the republic. & Nbsp;

Mass protests in Kazakhstan began on January 2. Residents of the cities of Zhanaozen and Aktau in the Mangistau region were the first to protest against a two-fold increase in prices for liquefied automobile gas. Then other cities of Kazakhstan joined the protesters. Armed clashes with the security forces led to casualties, including among the civilian population. In large cities, for example, in Alma-Ata, cases of looting were recorded. Throughout Kazakhstan, the Internet was turned off, and the broadcasting of a number of TV channels was temporarily stopped. A state of emergency was introduced in Kazakhstan until January 19. To resolve the situation, President Kassym- Zhomart Tokayev called for help from the peacekeeping forces of the CSTO Collective Security Council. & Nbsp;

What is known about Mukhtar Ablyazov?

The biography of Mukhtar Ablyazov is described in detail on his personal website, created in 2020. He was born on May 16, 1963 in the village of Galkino, Lengersky District, South Kazakhstan Region

In 1986, he graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute with a degree in theoretical physicist. Previously he studied at the Kazakh State University of Almaty, was forced to transfer to another university due to his participation in the student protest movement, the website reports.

In 1990, Ablyazov entered graduate school at MEPhI. For admission to graduate school in Moscow, he was fired from his job in Alma-Ata.

After graduation, he taught at the Kazakh State University (KazSU).

Business and Politics

He began his commercial activity in 1991 with the organization in the territory of Russia of IE Madina, in 1993 he founded the Astana-Holding company in Kazakhstan. Ablyazov's firms were engaged in the purchase and sale of food and consumer goods.

In 1997, he was the head of the state energy enterprise “ Kazakh Campaign for the Management of Electric Grids '' (KEGOK).

In 1998, Ablyazov, together with a number of Kazakh investors, took out a loan to buy shares of Turan Alem Bank; (later renamed BTA Bank) in the amount of $ 72 million.

In 1998-1999 he was the Minister of Energy, Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He resigned, noting that the Nazarbayev regime's methods of government make it impossible to carry out systemic reforms.

In November 2001, & nbsp; Ablyazov and his associates became co-founders of the opposition social and political movement Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan. (DCK).

In 2002, Ablyazov was arrested for illegal business and abuse of power in 1998 – 1999, later sentenced to six years in prison. In 2002 he was pardoned. & Nbsp;

Mukhtar Kabulovich was recognized by the international community as a prisoner of conscience, including the European Parliament and Amnesty International. On July 13, 2002, Mukhtar Ablyazov was released from prison by President Nazarbayev in exchange for a public pledge to end his political activities. After his release, he was involved in the development of BTA Bank, secretly provided financial and organizational assistance to the Kazakh opposition, '' says Ablyazov's website in the Biography section.

The site also notes that in January 2005, the activities of the Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan was banned. In May 2005, & nbsp; ex-associates of the DCK, with the support of Mukhtar Ablyazov, began to create the people's party “ Alga! ''. December 21, 2012 “ Alga! '' was also banned.

From May 2005 to 20098, Ablyazov headed the board of directors of the Kazakh BTA Bank. He owned over 75% of the bank's shares. In 2009, he was removed from office, and Ablyazov left for the UK.

Criminal cases of Ablyazov

Criminal cases were initiated against Ablyazov in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. He was accused of a number of offenses, including fraud, forgery, abuse of power. In Kazakhstan, a case against him was initiated in 2009, after which the banker fled the country and was put on the international wanted list by Interpol.

The Kazakh authorities accused the former management of BTA Bank of withdrawing assets worth $ 6 billion. While in London, Ablyazov continued to do business in Russia, Kommersant reports. & Nbsp; In 2010, the IC under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation accused Mukhtar Ablyazov in absentia of fraudulent $ 4.5 billion

In 2011, the Prosecutor General's Office of Kazakhstan sent a request to the UK to extradite a businessman, but he received political asylum.

In 2012, a London court, at the request of BTA Bank, sentenced Mukhtar Ablyazov to 22 months in prison for contempt of court decisions. The businessman himself did not appear at the announcement of the verdict.

In July 2013, Ablyazov was arrested in France. Russia and Ukraine simultaneously sought his extradition. As a result, priority was given to the Russian request. In September 2015, after 2.5 years of legal proceedings, the French government ordered the extradition of the defendant to Russia. Ablyazov's defense stated that the case against him was politically motivated, and appealed to the State Council of France, which canceled the extradition decision, TASS reports.

In 2017, the specialized inter-district court of Almaty for criminal cases recognized Mukhtar Ablyazov in absentia guilty of creating a criminal community and embezzling funds from BTA Bank, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison with confiscation of property. The damage from Ablyazov's activities was estimated at more than $ 7.5 & nbsp; billion

In addition, the Kazakh court sentenced the ex-head of BTA Bank in absentia to life in prison for organizing the murder of business partner Yerzhan Tatishev in 2004.

In December 2020, the Tagansky Court of Moscow passed a verdict in absentia against Ablyazov, the chairman of the board of BTA Bank Roman Solodchenko , as well as their subordinates Artur Trofimov, Igor Kononko, Tatyana Paraskevich, Anatoly Ereshchenko and Alexander Udovenko. All of them were accused of embezzling the bank's funds in the amount of 58 billion rubles by fraud with the land near Moscow. Mukhtar Ablyazov received 15 years in a general regime colony, his accomplices & mdash; from 10 to 13 years old.


Married with four children.

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