Mimi Parker of Low Has Passed Away

Nov 07, 2022

By Joey Arnone

Photography by Nathan Keay

Mimi Parker of Low passed away yesterday (Nov. 6) from ovarian cancer.

In a social media message from last night, Parker’s bandmate and partner Alan Sparhawk wrote: “Friends, it’s hard to put the universe into language and into a short message, but she passed away last night, surrounded by family and love, including yours. Keep her name close and sacred. Share this moment with someone who needs you. Love is indeed the most important thing.”

Parker had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December 2020. She was 55 years old.

Low was formed in 1993 as a trio, with Sparhawk on guitar and vocals, Parker on drums and vocals, and John Nichols on bass. They released their debut album, I Could Live in Hope, in 1993, pioneering the genre “slowcore” along the way.

The band experienced lineup changes in the coming years, but Sparhawk and Parker remained. Their most recent album, HEY WHAT, came out in 2021 via Sub Pop.

In August, the band had to cancel a string of European shows to accommodate Parker’s ongoing treatment.

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