Military equipment appeared on the streets of Alma-Ata

Military equipment has appeared on the streets of Alma-Ata, where the protests are taking place. Photo from the protests shows how the demonstrators rush to the armored vehicles. The protests began after the rise in gas prices square and set up barriers.

The photo published by the newspaper shows that the protesters rush to the armored vehicles. Law enforcement officers are trying to stop the demonstrators.

Earlier, Sputnik reported that those gathered in Republic Square began smashing police cars and beating up a police officer. The security forces began to use flashbang grenades against the protesters, and most of them were driven out of the square.

There were problems with the work of mobile Internet and instant messengers in the city.

Wednesday night, President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev declared a state of emergency in Almaty. The city will have restrictions on entry and exit, curfews, a ban on the sale of weapons and ammunition, and other measures until January 19.

Protests in Kazakhstan began after an increase in gas prices: tenge (10.2 rubles) to 120 (20.4 rubles). Demonstrations began in the Mangistau region, but soon spread to other regions of the country: people took to the streets in Nur-Sultan, Karaganda, Atyrau, Uralsk, Taldykorgan, Kyzylorda and Shymkent. The riots did not stop even after the authorities promised to lower prices.

The President twice called on citizens not to succumb to provocations. He offered the protesters a dialogue and said that the power would not fall.

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