Metronomy Surprise Release New EP

Sep 15, 2021

By Joey Arnone

Metronomy have surprise released a new EP, Posse EP Volume 1. It features collaborations with artists Pinty, Biig Piig, Sorry, Brian Nasty, Folly Group, and spill tab. Listen to the EP in full below.

Frontman Joe Mount speaks about the EP’s collaborations in a press release: “I thought it would be weird saying, ‘some of these are people I hadn’t previously heard of,’ but actually it’s such an amazing way to encounter people and get to know them. Receiving back a song from someone you’ve never met before, but they’ve clicked with what you’ve done and done something amazing with it.”

Singer and rapper Biig Piig, featured on the song “405,” adds: “Joe sent over the piano instrumental and it was so beautiful and brought back so many memories. I feel like when you hear a piece of music that does that, you know it’s special. My melodies and lyrics over it came out really easily and it just felt really nostalgic. The song is about a moment of realizing the love that I was seeking frantically in all kinds of places I had right in front of me the whole time.”

Earlier this year, Metronomy shared an MGMT remix of their song “The Look” from the 10th anniversary edition of their album The English Riviera.

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