Mercy without falsehood. How Moscow develops civil society

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 38. Heating reason 21/09/2022

Moscow is actively developing civil society, involving more and more people in socially active activities aimed at helping others who find themselves in difficult life circumstances.

For example, many who were lucky enough to earn points in the recent promotion #ChooseTogether2022, they continue to transfer winnings to good deeds.

Unique service

There is no doubt that many will give money to charity – Muscovites have a generous soul. The winners of the previous four campaigns donated more than 98 million rubles to charitable foundations. In addition, 60 charitable organizations are not deprived of the attention of the residents of the capital, whose budget is replenished by caring citizens through a specialized service on mos.­ru. “Since the launch of this unique service, portal users have already sent more than 30 million rubles, making 89 thousand donations,” – notesYevgeny Kozlov, 1st Deputy Head of the Office of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow.

The funds donated to take care of children and adults with various rare diseases and developmental disabilities, large families, veterans, and the homeless. And the funds have already helped many. For example, the little wards of the Children-Butterflies Foundation and people with mental disabilities, who are taken care of by the Unity Foundation, helping to master crafts in special workshops.

How to become needed?

Residents are touched by the fate of the victims in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, and in 12 headquarters of the action “Moscow Helps” clothes, food, essentials are transferred to those who were forced to leave the house. Since the beginning of the operation of the headquarters, 900 tons of humanitarian aid have been sent to refugees. By the way, now they accept not only new, but also used things. They must be in good condition and dry-cleaned. Details will be announced at the hotline: +7 (499) 170-02-25.

A huge number of Muscovites sincerely want to be needed. Every day volunteers from the capital give their time, energy and warmth. And these are real examples of people's interaction within civil society. Let's say the volunteers of the Mos Volunteer on a permanent basis help disabled people go in for sports and take part in competitions. Volunteer Olga Novosyolova strives to ensure that any person can experience moments of happiness at the finish line, so at the “Without Borders” race a woman fled with a blind Mikhail.The man managed to confidently overcome the 5 km distance, holding on to a special rope – paraligament. Increasingly popular is gaining “silver” volunteering. Residents over 55 lead city tours, collect humanitarian aid to victims in the Donbass, their presence is invaluable at sports, patriotic and cultural events. Come, you will be taught everything. “Already now, more than 1.1 thousand citizens are participants in the“ silver ” volunteering and implement useful initiatives, – recognized director of the Mosvolonter resource center Alexander Levit.

As part of City Day, the City of Caring festival was held in Gorky Park, guests were introduced to the full range of work of Moscow volunteers. In many Muscovites, that holiday gave rise to a desire to become volunteers. For example, zoo volunteers. They help homeless cats and dogs find loving owners. By the way, in 13 city shelters – 16 thousand furry inhabitants.

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