Medvedev predicted famine, epidemics and crises due to sanctions against Russia

Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev published his vision of the development of the situation in the world after the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions. He titled his post on Telegram “What will happen next, or the World after anti-Russian sanctions (not a forecast at all)” and noted that he published it on Friday, May 13.

Total «not forecast» consists of ten items. According to Medvedev, the following events await the world:

  • A major logistical crisis on a global scale and the collapse of foreign airlines due to a ban on flights over Russian territory.
  • An energy crisis in countries that refuse to from Russian oil and gas, a slowdown in the development of the digital economy.
  • “A full-fledged international food crisis”, famine in some countries.
  • Financial crisis in some countries, undermining the stability of a number of national currencies and rampant inflation.
  • New regional military conflicts.
  • Terrorists are on the rise.
  • New epidemics.
  • The decline of international institutions.
  • The creation of new, pragmatic, international alliances.
  • The emergence of a new security architecture in the world.

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