Masked Indie Collective godz Debut New Single “kids”

Jun 29, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Indie pop and rock collective godz remain ever elusive. The band debuted last year with their first single, “bad blood,” representing themselves through a single masked figure, a character which the band hopes could represent any one of their listeners. As they explain, “Life is a series of struggles, triumphs, miracles, tragedies, and everything in between. We’re trying to make art that represents people as a whole, not just us as band members, as well as the shared narratives of humankind.”

Now the band is back with their sophomore single and first release of this year, “kids.” The band has also shared the track’s accompanying trippy animated music video.

“kids” sees the band exploring back into summertime memories and the simple joys of young love, looking wistfully at those carefree early days. Upbeat guitar lines and hook-filled pop grooves fill the track, bolstered by the autotuned vocals and subtle psychedelic touches of synths. While musically the band evokes youthful joys the lyrics bring a hint of disconsolate jealousy. “The kids, they have it good/Their love is real,” the band sings, wishing for the long-lost days of their own young love.

The band explains, “‘Kids’ is about the longing for the purity and rush of young love. It’s about settling down after years of promiscuity and feeling resentful because the best pieces of you have already been given away.”

Check out the song and video below and stream the track here.

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