Liv.e Shares New Song “Find Out”

Jan 13, 2023

By Mark Redfern

Photography by qlick

R&B singer/producer Liv.e is releasing a new album, Girl in the Half Pearl, on February 10 via Real Life. Now she has shared its third single, “Find Out.” Listen below.

Liv.e had this to say about the new single in a press release: “‘Find Out’ is a reflection of the moment in my journey where I’m finally having a realization of what it means to really love yourself and take a moment to observe what doesn’t reflect self love. Sometimes you realize you only receive and accept what you feel like you deserve and I finally felt like I deserved more than what I was experiencing. Girl in the Half Pearl overall is a chapter of my book where I take you through the journey of my mind states as I’m experiencing the death of who I once was, and ‘Find Out’ is one of those moments where you experience me losing my rose-colored glasses.”

In October, Liv.e shared the album track “Ghost.” When the album was announced in November she shared its second single, “Wild Animals,” via a music video. “Wild Animals” was one of our Songs of the Week.

Liv.e’s debut album, Couldn’t Wait To Tell You, came out in 2020 via In Real Life.

In a previous press release, Liv.e had this to say about the album: “I really love the process of coming up with a vision and doing my best to ensure that it will come out just as it was in my imagination. I tend to use almost all my practices as another way to strengthen my trust and belief in myself. The concept is just based on the release of letting go of old ‘people pleasing’ habits that I tended to act on in the past a lot. A depiction of gaining the strength and courage to choose myself every time.”

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