Litvar Shares New Single “Alone (Not Lonely)”

Mar 03, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Rising Connecticut-based indie rock outfit Litvar is the latest project of musicians Rex Thurstan, Violet Falkowski, and Joe Lemieux, springing from Rex and Violet’s childhood friendship and the instant chemistry they found with Joe. The trio debuted in 2020 with their full-length record, The Greatest Movie of All Time, and followed last year with their track, “You Should Find A New Boyfriend,” the lead single from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, Eloquently Aimless. Now the band are back with the record’s second single, “Alone (Not Lonely).”

“Alone (Not Lonely)” hits on a similar blend of indie rock and pop as their previous single, though their latest effort laces some new instrumental textures amidst the sharp hooks. The track centers on a hypnotic chopped guitar loop and a stuttering groove, colored by warm synth lines and yearning vocals. It feels like a more layered offering than the storming rock style of the band’s last single, with the alluring rhythms drawing you into a haze of melodies. Yet, the track also soars with its chorus, hitting on a starry kaleidoscopic tone while offering some charmingly biting lyricism: ”I’ll be the sun / You’ll be the moon / That way we’ll rarely see each other”.

The band says of the track, “We first started working on Alone (Not Lonely) in February of 2021, beginning with just a chopped guitar loop that became the backbone of the song. It ended up becoming one of our favorite songs to play live, so when it came time to record our second album it was at the top of the list. Recorded at New Monkey Studio (former studio of Elliot Smith), we tracked the bass, acoustic guitar, and drums live together, to try to give the recording the same feel that we put into our live performance.”

Check out the song and video below. The track will feature on Litvar’s sophomore album, Eloquently Aimless, due for release in September 2023.

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