Lithuanian President announces migrants from Moscow to Belarus

Earlier in Warsaw, they said that they consider the crisis on the border to be a manifestation of aggression on the part of Russia. The US State Department said that Russia thus distracts attention from its military preparations on the border with Ukraine

Migrants on the streets of Minsk

Russia is connected with the migration crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border, said Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda.

'Migrants are starting to fly through Moscow', & mdash; quoted by Reuters Nauseda. RIA Novosti provides a more complete quote.

“ Recent events make one think that Russia is in one way or another connected with this crisis, a lot says about this. Firstly … migrants come through Moscow '', & mdash; said the President of Lithuania.

The Presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia also issued a joint statement in connection with the migration crisis.

In it, they condemned the actions of the authorities under the leadership of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and expressed support for the measures , which accepts Poland to protect the borders of the European Union.

However, this document does not mention either Moscow or Russia.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Piotr Glinsky said that he considers what is happening on the border with Belarus a manifestation of aggression on the part of Russia, which, in turn, uses the Belarusian authorities for pressure. “ Putin invented a method of pressure from Lukashenka. We must be aware that even if today or tomorrow we repel this attack, it can last for years. Therefore, we have to act very decisively. & lt; … & gt; Russia needs to be forced to stop its aggression '', & mdash; he said.

He added that he sees Russia as an 'aggressive empire in the East', and the actions of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko 'mdash; as “ criminal activity, intelligent and ruthless, associated with the activities of the smuggling mafias and human trafficking. '' At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister said that both Moscow and Minsk understand only the language of economic and political pressure.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on November 14 put forward a different version of what is happening on the border between Poland and Belarus. He said that one of the goals of the crisis is, among other things, to distract from Russia's military activity on the border with Ukraine. “ The actions of the Belarusian regime threaten security, contribute to a split in the EU and are aimed at distracting from Russian activity on the border with Ukraine, '' & mdash; Blinken said.

The Kremlin denied accusations of involvement in what is happening on the border between Poland and Belarus and called Blinken's interpretation incorrect.

A column of migrants, mostly Kurds from Iraq and Syria, arrived in Belarus at the border with Poland on November 8. They set up a temporary camp there and made several attempts to break through the border. The Polish and Lithuanian authorities announced the strengthening of the security forces near the border with Belarus.

On November 15, the migrants left the temporary camp and went to the Kuznitsa checkpoint, setting up tents right at the checkpoint. According to the estimates of the Polish side, there are now about 3.5 thousand migrants there.

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