Lil Wayne – Like A Man Lyrics

Lil Wayne – Like A Man Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Um, like a man
I got all this money, all these b*****s, like a man
I don’t want the glamour nor the glitz, and like a man;
I got all these goons, all these guns, all this land, all these cars, all these b***s, all these tongues, like a man
I got all these foods, all this fun, all these pools, all these tubs, all these moods, all these drugs, all these rooms, all these rugs
The rules ain’t for us, we just do’s what we does
From the moon to the sun, like a man
Make her pop that p***y like a Xan
I was sitting in that cell like a pan
Did it like a man, did it like a m***********g man
I just come from visitation, I snuck up a couple grams, hoe
I be f*****g with them champs, hoe
I be skating, I be jumping off them ramps, hoe
I be racing, I be dusting all them Lambos
I’ma hit you, I’ma hit you with that wham, hoe
Oh, oh man, hands in her pants but she got a old man
She snort a dab of coke, we don’t dab
We getting money like the f*****g Arabs
The weed musty like the f*****g Arabs
Codeine in her punch, that’s a straight jab
Slime like a man, I call her a*s a cab
If her a*s ain’t got no a*s to grab

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Like a man (Heh)
Like a man (Heh)
Like a man, like a man, like a m***********g
Like a man, like a man, like a m***********g
Like a man

[Verse 2]
I got all these hoes, all these woes, like a man
I rock all these shows ’round the globe, like a man
I ride for all my bros, that’s who drove
All my haters play your role, Gladiator, Russell Crowe
Elevator on your floor
Hot potato on the nose of the handgun
Aiming at your dandruff, cocaine in my pants cuff
Dodging handcuffs like a ram truck
Coupe on the rims like a slam dunk
She gon’ catch a nut, f**k n****s catch tantrums
Boy, we went from stretch Hummers to the stretch mansions
‘Rari all pink like ‘f**k breast cancer!’
N***a, we done made trap houses out the Hamptons
Like a man
Lil Tunechi off the wall, like Spider-Man
Promethazine, cream soda, and the Vicodin
Like a man, I’ve been hard since a diaper then
And ever since I been on Mars, I’ve been buying land
Like a man, like a gangster, like a real one
These p*****s get the d***o, I get the deal done
Like a man, I hate a b***h with a lil’ tongue
And all this f*****g old money make me feel young

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Yeah, like a man, like a m***********g man
Like a man, like a, like a m***********g man
Like a, like a m***********g man
She gon’ f**k me like a, like I’m her m***********g man

[Verse 3]
But the b***h got a man
Oh, put that n***a in the can
Uh, but she wish I was her man and I wish she would stop playing
And that n***a is a fan
Like a man tho, that n***a is a fan tho
You need a challenge to expand, hoe
Really, you can do better, I’m just saying tho
Uh, I’m just saying tho
Me and you can make Magic like Orlando
You naked in my bando, on my piano
I put it in your a*****e, you go Soprano

[Verse 4]
Like a man, we some m***********g a******s
Make her back that a*s up and then I backstroke
I’m screaming money, cash, hoes, money, cash, hoes
These lil’ n****s washed up, they need some bathrobes
We the n****s, I’ll stop if we in smash mode
These lil’ n****s washed up I’m on my last load
We just take the guns up and press fast forward
Got them bricks, like I’m shooting it from half court
Leave a n***a brains all over the dashboard
Leave a n***a brains all over the dance floor
We in private planes, all in different airports
I’m about to treat a p***y like a crash course
I’m so fly, I feel like I’m with the air force
I can’t lie, I don’t like her if her hair’s short
Like a man, like a m***********g man, no
Young Money squad up and I’m the man, hoe

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