Laura Veirs Shares New Single “Eucalyptus”

Jun 08, 2022

By Joey Arnone

Photography by Shelby Brakken

Laura Veirs has shared a new single, “Eucalyptus.” It is the latest release from her forthcoming album, Found Light, which will be out on July 8 via Raven Marching Band. Listen below.

Veirs elaborates on the song in a press release: “This is a song about the community love I felt when I went through my divorce. It’s also about new love and rediscovering myself as a solo person post-divorce. I reminisce here about ‘finding the old girl I was’ back when I visited my brother in California when he was in college, where they have lovely eucalyptus trees. Some eucalyptus trees will drop their branches suddenly on you, though, so those are the varieties you don’t want to plant in your backyard.”

“This was the trickiest song to record on the new album,” she continues. “My co-producer Shahzad Ismaily and I tried many different drum and bass ideas on this track before we landed here. I recorded the rain sounds spontaneously with my phone while sitting outside Shahzad’s studio in Brooklyn when we recorded the record last September. I love the unexpected places this song goes.”

Upon announcement of the album in April, Veirs shared its lead single “Winter Windows.” She later shared the album track “Seaside Haiku.” Her most recent album, My Echo, came out in 2020 via Raven Marching Band and Bella Union.

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