koleżanka Shares Video for New Song “In a Meeting”

Jun 16, 2021

By Mark Redfern

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, guitarist, and producer koleżanka (aka Kristina Moore) is releasing a new album, Place Is, on July 30 via Bar/None, her debut for the label. Now she has shared another song from it, “In a Meeting,” via a video for it. Moore co-directed the video with Mike Fuller. It involves an unsettling night out at a bar and doppelgängers. Watch it below.

“‘In a Meeting’ is basically about social anxiety and how it operates like internal dialogue, imploring you to just go home instead of staying out in hopes things will feel ‘normal,’” explains Moore in a press release. “I want to feel close to people or allow myself to feel comfortable but I am often obstructed by being generally terrified and overwhelmed by even the simplest of interactions. I wanted to create a horror narrative in which the anxiety manifests itself into a doppelgänger that follows me to a bar and taunts me with my own desires of social ease and freedom. In addition, I wanted to convey the vulnerability of small rituals one has (ie standing in the shower, an outfit check, etc) before leaving their personal space to help them feel ready and confident, as well as the way anxiety creates an alternate world that everyone around you seems to be in on when often times most people are feeling just as weird as you and wondering if everyone else can see it.”

Previously koleżanka shared Place Is singles “Vegan Sushi” and “7th St/7th Ave” (which was one of our Songs of the Week).

Moore was born in Phoenix. The project also features percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Ark Calkins.

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