Kirin J Callinan Shares Video for New Song “Young Drunk Driver” (Feat. Hubert Lenoir)

Feb 24, 2023

By Mark Redfern

Australian experimental musician Kirin J Callinan has shared a new song, “Young Drunk Driver,” via an amusing music video. Callinan is releasing a new album, If I Could Sing, which he says will be “out sometime in the southern winter of 2023.” The song features Hubert Lenoir and Ollie Birt directed the video. Watch it below.

Callinan’s last album was 2019’s covers album, Return to Center, released via Terrible Records. Read our interview with Callinan on Return to Center.

Read our My Favorite Album interview with Callinan.

His last album of originals was 2017’s Bravado.

Check out our 2017 interview with Kirin J Callinan on Bravado and the accompanying photo-shoot we did with him as he was getting a shave and a haircut at a Washington DC barbershop.

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