Kid Kapichi, Monakis, SNAYX @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK, 6th February, 2023

Feb 17, 2023
Web Exclusive

By Alfie Shadbolt
Photography by Alfie Shadbolt

Following their last Nottingham performance at Rough Trade in October 2022, Kid Kapichi returned to the city during their UK tour alongside supporting acts SNAYX and Monakis.

With doors opening at 6PM, a wave of fans entered the Rescue Rooms to enjoy the action packed chaos that Kid Kapichi bring to every venue they visit.

Kickstarting the night were opening band Monakis. The punk rock trio from Brighton created an energetic atmosphere to the venue, which in turn provided a teaser for what was to come from the following two bands. The band’s loud nature and politically driven songs solidified them a welcome place alongside SNAYX and Kid Kapichi, and garnered lots of applause and acclaim from the audience after every song.


Next up were SNAYX, a punk rock band from the South East of England. By this point, the venue had started to fill up close to capacity, and the largely assembled audience out front did nothing but aid the band’s success on stage. SNAYX had the crowd jumping and moving from the first song, creating a chaotic and erratic scene, particularly to those in front of the stage. The band came on stage with the goal of “getting everyone moving,” and that’s exactly what they did. SNAYX successfully created an atmosphere of pure enthusiasm, leaving the crowd wanting more and setting the stage perfectly for the night’s main act.

The second that Kid Kapichi walked on stage, they were met with nothing but screams of praise and excitement. The band mainly played songs off their most recent album, Here’s What You Could Have Won alongside older favourites such as “Sardines” and “Glitterati” off their debut This Time Next Year and “Death Dips” off 2019’s breakthrough EP Sugar Tax.

Political ballad “Party At No.10” provided a welcome breather midset from the frantic pace before and after. An emotional song about the failures and misdeeds of the Conservative Party during the pandemic, this song helped spread the message of what this band are really about.

Kid Kapichi

Playing to an audience that were nothing short of ecstatic throughout, the intensity peaked during live favourite “Smash The Gaff”. This song initiated exactly the kind of response you’d expect from something titled as aggressively as this, with everyone pushing and shoving each other in order to incite as much chaos as possible.

With every show on this tour so far either being sold out in advance or on the night, Kid Kapichi’s rightful ascent towards rock’s premier league is gathering at pace. Catch them in small venues while you can, because intimate shows such as this one will be a thing of the past before long.

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