James Yorkston and Nina Persson of The Cardigans Share New Song “Harmony” (Plus Live Video)

Jan 05, 2023

By Mark Redfern

Photography by Anna Drvnik

James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra and Nina Persson of The Cardigans are releasing a new collaborative album, The Great White Sea Eagle, on January 13 via Domino. Now they have shared its third single, “Harmony,” as well as a live performance video for the song. Check out both the album version and live video below.

Yorkston and Persson consider “Harmony” their favorite song on the album. Yorkston had this to say about it in a press release: “This is a duet love song that we recorded one evening, after most of the Second Hand Orchestra had left for home. It has that beautiful woozy sound music has when everything is just working together perfectly. It’s intimate, and a favorite.”

Previously Yorkston and Persson shared the album’s first single, “Hold Out For Love.” In November they shared its second single, “An Upturned Crab,” which was one of our Songs of the Week.

In a previous press release, Yorkston had this to say about the album: “Everyone who was playing in The Second Hand Orchestra, in their own way they are all unique and colorful players. There was no one there who didn’t know what to do. I would bring them the songs, we would start one—I would play it, and second time round people would start singing and playing, and by the time we had done it three or four times we would hit record and we would be ready to go. And the thing that they all had was the ability to give each other space and to come up with their parts based on what other people were playing naturally was a very quick process, and they were all so open, nobody was egotistical. Everything was just happy. I love the wildness in it.”

James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra released their previous album, The Wide, Wide River, in 2021 via Domino. Yorkston was also featured on our Covers of Covers compilation, which came out in 2022 via American Laundromat.

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