In Poland, they opened a case after an attempt to storm a checkpoint at the border by migrants

In the course of clashes with migrants, 12 Polish security officials were injured. Vilnius believes that the Belarusian security forces may be involved in the attacks. Minsk, in turn, warned about possible provocations to its address

The Sokolka District Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into the attack of refugees on police officers and border guards. According to the Polsat News TV channel, this was announced by the chief commandant of the police Yaroslav Shimchik.

The things that the migrants threw themselves with were kept as material evidence. The inspection continues at the site, Shimchik added.

According to him, 12 people were injured during clashes with migrants. Among them & mdash; nine police officers, including one woman who was stoned in the head.

The attackers were wearing masks, making it difficult to identify them, Shimchik said. “ Judging by the behavior of the people who threw stones, I believe they are well trained and experienced in various encounters. In my opinion, they were trained in Belarus, but among the most aggressive people were the officers of the Belarusian services, '' & mdash; he suggested.

Proof of this, in particular, is the fact that the refugees were armed with noise grenades and tear gas, Shimchik believes.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko , in turn, warned of possible provocations against Belarus.

“ The main thing for us now is to protect our country and our people, to prevent clashes. I know that there have already been attempts to deliver weapons to the spontaneous migrant camp. As well as provocations that can lead to a violent conflict. In no case should this be allowed. This so-called problem cannot become the unleashing of a heated confrontation '', & mdash; he said (quoted by BelTA).

On November 16, at the Polish border checkpoint “ Forge Belostokskaya '' there were clashes between migrants who arrived from the territory of Belarus and the police. Refugees threw stones, sticks and debris at them, and also broke barriers. According to Polish police, the migrants also used noise grenades. In response, she used tear gas and water cannons.

Poland and Western countries blamed Belarus for aggravating the migration crisis. In their opinion, she organized the transfer of refugees from the Middle East to the EU border and uses them for her own political purposes. Minsk rejects these accusations and emphasizes that migrants act on their own initiative.

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