In Germany, Greens called new US sanctions against SP-2 unacceptable

In Germany, an expert of the Soyuz-90/Green Party on foreign policy issues, Omid Nuripur, commenting on the imposition by the United States of new sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, said that this state of affairs was unacceptable.


At the same time, the politician stressed that such pressure from the White House does not in any way fit with the “concern for the energy security of the European Union” broadcast by Washington. and assurances of partnership and friendly relations.

“The new US sanctions are unacceptable even for the opponents of Nord Stream 2 … Even we, who have always fought against the pipeline, cannot understand which” friendship '' the United States strives if it imposes sanctions on friends when they do business with a third party, ”said Nuripur, quoted by Reuters.

This is the first such statement by the Greens. regarding US policy towards the EU energy sector.

The US imposes new sanctions against the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline 2 & quot;


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