In 2022, the Russian army will receive the first short-range air defense systems “Gibka-S”

Mobile anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) ultra-short range “ Gibka-S '' will first enter the troops in 2022, according to the RF Ministry of Defense.

The air defense system will be installed on the chassis of the Tigr-M armored car. Each complex will be equipped with four Igla and Igla-S missiles. or 'Willow'. Combat vehicles have reconnaissance equipment and an automated control system. This will allow the complexes to conduct round-the-clock combat duty and “ control fire in real time, '' the message says.

Anti-aircraft missile system Gibka-S; short-range is designed to provide air defense and is able to withstand aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles and high-precision weapons systems flying at low and extremely low altitudes at any time of the day and in conditions of limited visibility.

In addition , the military districts will continue to supply modern Verba MANPADS, replacing Igla-S, and having high efficiency in conditions of optical interference.

Earlier it became known that in 2022 in Russia should begin mass production of the Zavet-D fire control vehicle.


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