Honey Creek Debuts New Single “NPR”

Jul 02, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Last year Wisconsin indie emo outfit Honey Creek made their full-length debut, releasing their first record, A Whole Year In Transit. Now the band is back with their first release of 2021, their new single “NPR,” out now via Midwest indie label, Thumbs Up Records.

“NPR” sees the band once again hitting on an adrenaline-fueled mix of emo and pop punk, driven by an immediately memorable hook and cathartic bursts of energy. The band sticks close to established pop punk formulas with familiar twinkling guitars breaking into frenetic verses and a shout-along chorus, all while raging against boredom and complacency. Yet, the band shows off a particularly adept ear for melody and biting lyrics that make them stand out. If you are also sick of small talk, 9 to 5 jobs, and fantasy football, Honey Creek is the band for you.

The band explain of the track, “‘NPR’ is a song about monotony and realizing maybe your life is worth more than the wash repeat. After releasing our record A Whole Year In Transit in early 2020, we found ourselves stuck in a cycle of going to work, indulging in the daily news intake on the global pandemic, and coming home to a growing feeling of complacency. We wrote ‘NPR’ as a cathartic release from the outside world, turning all of our pent-up frustrations with the state of everything into a creative outlet.”

“The recording process of ‘NPR’ was a collaborative effort between many different hands. We started off by tracking the drums with Erik Atwell at Stillwave Studios in Milwaukee. The guitars, bass, and some vocals were self-produced at our home studio, while all of Ellee’s vocals were engineered by Sachi Oasis in Boston. We were incredibly stoked to have Sam Guaiana (Like Pacific, Seaway, Silverstein) mix and master the song as well, really bringing the song to its full potential.”

Check out the song and video below, out now via Thumbs Up Records.

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