Hildegard (Helena Deland and Ouri) Announce New Album, Share Video for New Song “Jour 1”

Apr 08, 2021

By Joey Arnone

Photography by Jetro Emilcar

Hildegard (Helena Deland and Ouri) have announced their debut self-titled album, which will be out on June 4 via Section1 (an imprint of Partisan). The two have also shared a self-directed video for a song from the album titled “Jour 1.” Check it out below, along with the album’s tracklist and cover art.

The two describe “Jour 1” in a press release as being “about processing by partying, and the clarity that sometimes comes with it.”

The inspiration for the album’s title (as well as the duo’s namesake) comes from the 12th century nun Hildegard of Bingen, whom Deland and Ouri state was a major source of inspiration in creating music together.

Last month, Deland and Ouri shared “Jour 2” upon announcing their newly-formed duo. It was one of our Songs of the Week.

Hildegard Tracklist:

1. Jour 1
2. Jour 2
3. Jour 3
4. Jour 4
5. Jour 5
6. Jour 6
7. Jour 7
8. Jour 8

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