FT described two scenarios of a possible Russian “invasion” of Ukraine

FT: Russia could launch airstrikes against Ukraine or launch a full-scale invasion Analysts believe that Russia could launch airstrikes against the territory of a neighboring state. Another, less likely option is a full-scale invasion

There are two most likely scenarios for a possible Russian military invasion of Ukraine, writes the Financial Times with reference to experts.

The first option & mdash; pinpoint airstrikes , said Dara Massikot, a researcher at the American non-profit organization RAND. In her opinion, Russia may launch air strikes against Ukrainian military and infrastructure facilities. According to Massikot, in this case, cruise and ballistic missiles may be involved, with which Ukrainian air defense systems “ will be difficult to cope with. '' In addition, Russia can use heavy artillery and flamethrowers. The expert noted that the consequences of such an attack would be 'devastating' for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The second scenario & mdash; full-scale invasion to Ukraine, analysts say. They consider this option less likely, because to implement it, Russia will need more military personnel, many of whom may die as a result.

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