Florence and the Machine Shares IDLES Remix of “Heaven is Here”

Oct 21, 2022

By Joey Arnone

Florence + The Machine (aka Florence Welch and backing band) has shared an IDLES remix of the song “Heaven is Here” from her newest album, Dance Fever. Listen below.

In a press release, Welch states: “IDLES are one of my favorite bands and I’ve been wanting to work on something together for a while. It might be strange for people to think but I see a lot of symbiosis in what we do in terms of live performance. Connection above all else. Joyful rage and togetherness. A lot of people wished that ‘Heaven Is Here’ was longer. And I think IDLES have done the perfect job at turning it into a much demanded dance track that loses nothing of the hex at its heart.”

IDLES‘s Mark Bowen adds: “Dance Fever is quite a cathartic album for me, speaking a lot to the yearning for the release of performing but also introspecting on the need itself. it lives on the line of tension between the need for release and getting it (is that not the best bit?) no more is this encapsulated on ‘Heaven is Here.’ I wanted to sit with that tension but then also lavish in the release on this remix.”

Dance Fever was released in May via Republic.

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