Drill. How is the pre-conscription training of schoolchildren in Moscow going?

On November 15 & nbsp; our country celebrates Day of the conscript . To prepare for & nbsp; service in the & nbsp; Armed Forces of Russia, young men start from the & nbsp; school & nbsp; & mdash; on & nbsp; life safety basics lessons, five-day training camps and & nbsp; even in & nbsp; cyberspace. The modern army cannot & nbsp; exist without information technology, but & nbsp; therefore appreciates recruits with & nbsp; experience in & nbsp; programming and & nbsp; eSports, versed in digital technologies and & nbsp; feeling confident in the & nbsp; virtual world.

On the & nbsp; base of the Moscow center “ Patriot.Sport '' the Regional Center for the preparation of citizens for & nbsp; military service and & nbsp; military-patriotic education of the city of Moscow operates. It is he who & nbsp; is the organizer of most of the events at which future conscripts of the capital will learn how to serve in the & nbsp; army, and & nbsp; get the necessary skills and & nbsp; skills.

Real training: five-day training camp

The main direction of pre-conscription training of young people is a five-day training camp. It is part of the Basic Military Service discipline, which is part of the compulsory school curriculum. The sole operator of training camps in the & nbsp; capital is the Moscow Center “ Patriot.Sport. '' Muscovites can do this on the & nbsp; base of the educational and methodological center Avangard, military units, and & nbsp; also on the & nbsp; own site of the Moscow center Patriot.Sport & nbsp; & mdash; in & nbsp; educational center “ Patriot '' .

& laquo; Fees in & nbsp; & bdquo; Patriot & ldquo; 10th graders and & nbsp; college sophomores who have achieved the best results in & nbsp; sporting events, championships and & nbsp; olympiads pass. Motivated guys who get to & nbsp; us get everything they need to fully prepare for the & nbsp; army. Center & bdquo; Patriot & ldquo; & nbsp; & mdash; This is a suburban area, on which there are classrooms, dormitories, a stadium, sports grounds, parade ground, obstacle courses, pneumatic, laser and & nbsp; biathlon shooting galleries and & nbsp; much more. Participants of the training camp study military regulations, undergo physical, tactical, combat, military medical and & nbsp; firepower training, fulfill the standards for & nbsp; radiation, chemical and & nbsp; biological protection. According to the & nbsp; results, all young men receive certificates that confirm that they are not ready & nbsp; only for & nbsp; service in the & nbsp; army, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; for & nbsp; study at & nbsp; military universities & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said the First Deputy Director of the Moscow Center “ Patriot.Sport '', the head of the Regional Center for the preparation of citizens for & nbsp; military service and & nbsp; military-patriotic education of the city of Moscow Igor Melnichenko .

В & nbsp; 2020 & ndash ; In the 2021 academic year, more than 40.5 thousand people attended training camps in the & nbsp; capital. Almost half of & nbsp; them & nbsp; & mdash; in & nbsp; “ Patriot ''.

Some of the children attended classes in the & nbsp; educational and methodological center “ Avangard . The fees here are distinguished by increased attention to & nbsp; modern technologies. The curriculum is based on a & nbsp; game model, within which children interact with & nbsp; (IRA). In addition, in & nbsp; “ Vanguard '' tenth graders are engaged in various simulators.

At & nbsp; centers “ Patriot '' and & nbsp; & laquo; Vanguard & raquo; there are online platforms. During the & nbsp; period of epidemiological restrictions, training camps are held both in person with & nbsp; compliance with all requirements, and & nbsp; in & nbsp; distance format.

“ A rich curriculum helps keep young people interested in military service and dispels myths about the army. As a result, Moscow has been fulfilling the established task for & nbsp; conscription for many years and & nbsp; is not & nbsp; lacking & nbsp; applicants wishing to enter & nbsp; universities of the Ministry of Defense and & nbsp; other power structures & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; noted the military commissar of the city of Moscow Viktor Schepilov .

Virtual training: e-sports and & nbsp; cybersecurity

Unusual simulators and & nbsp; online training at & nbsp; five-day training camp & nbsp; & mdash; far from & nbsp; the only way to use modern technologies in the pre-conscription training of schoolchildren. Cybersport and cybersecurity training programs play a big role in increasing the military's prestige.

Esports develops the speed of reaction and & nbsp; assimilation of information, trains the ability to think strategically and & nbsp; make tactical decisions quickly, attentiveness, the ability to work effectively in a & nbsp; team and & nbsp; predict the actions of rivals. All these qualities are necessary for both a conscript and a professional soldier. In addition, certain genres of computer games often imitate real combat situations and & nbsp; require the player to be able to command a detachment or even an entire army.

Virtual battles are of particular importance for cadets and & nbsp; junior soldiers & nbsp; & mdash; guys who are undergoing military training on a & nbsp; permanent basis. For them, the Moscow Center “ Patriot.Sport '' organizes separate competitions: the tournament Cybercadets and & nbsp; Youth Army Cup , in which thousands of schoolchildren participate annually.

On the basis of the Department of Information Systems of the Ministry of Defense & nbsp; RF there is a platform “ Cyberpatriot '' , which unites state and & nbsp; private organizations that implement various programs and & nbsp; projects in & nbsp; the field of cybersport and & nbsp; cybersecurity. Summer 2021 Cyberpatriot and & nbsp; Moscow Center “ Patriot.Sport '' organized a cybersport tournament “ CYBERARMY '' at & nbsp; one of the & nbsp; sites of the International Military and Technical Forum Army-2021. Moscow cadets, youth soldiers and & nbsp; representatives of the Russian movement of schoolchildren competed in & nbsp; tank simulator Worls of & nbsp; Tanks and & nbsp; shooter Valorant. Everyone could watch the competition on the & nbsp; big screen.

A separate area of ​​work of the Cyberpatriot & nbsp; & mdash; hands-on cybersecurity & nbsp; competition … Their & nbsp; members get access to a & nbsp; network that mimics a typical computer network of any large organization. Their & nbsp; task & nbsp; & mdash; find vulnerabilities in the & nbsp; network and & nbsp; eliminate them. One of the & nbsp; largest in & nbsp; 2020 & ndash; 2021 academic year was the & nbsp; cybersecurity competition 'Defense in Depth' organized by the Moscow Center “ Patriot.Sport '' with the support of the Department of Information Systems of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation & nbsp; and & nbsp; Research and Production Association “ Echelon ''. More than 100 teams from & nbsp; 27 & nbsp; cities of Russia took part in them. Young specialists performed tasks on & nbsp; steganography and & nbsp; cryptography, identified vulnerabilities in & nbsp; programs, were engaged in network administration and & nbsp; information search in & nbsp; open sources. According to the & nbsp; results of the competition, one of the & nbsp; prize places in the & nbsp; category & laquo; Juniors & raquo; was taken by the team of the Moscow school number & nbsp; 1770.

Similar competitions and & nbsp; tournaments help future recruits in the & nbsp; school to establish themselves as promising specialists in the & nbsp; field of information technology and & nbsp; cybersecurity, and & nbsp; in the & nbsp; future to get opportunities for cooperation with the & nbsp; Ministry of Defense and & nbsp; leading organizations of the military-industrial complex of our country.

Detailed information about & nbsp; five-day training camps, health center “ Patriot '' and & nbsp; projects for & nbsp; patriotic education of schoolchildren can be found on the & nbsp; website of the Moscow center “ Patriot.Sport ''.

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