Don Lifted Shares New Single “Golden (The Wait)” Featuring MadameFraankie

Jun 22, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Fans last heard from Memphis-based musician and visual artist Don Lifted (a.k.a. Lawrence Matthews) with the news that he signed to Fat Possum Records with new music on the way. We previously shared Matthew’s debut single with Fat Possum, “Lost In Orion” in March and since then he’s continued to be hard at work crafting a distinctive blend of hip-hop, alt rock, and electronic music. Now he’s once again back, this time with a confident new single “Golden (The Wait),” featuring fellow Memphis artist, MadameFraankie.

“Golden (The Wait)” acts as a bit of a victory lap for Matthews, reflecting on the trials to get where he is and looking towards the future with defiant expectation. Over a spacious ambient beat Matthews remembers how he had “spent all my youth just to do it,” recalling the pain and sacrifices he’s had to fight through to get where he is, all while claiming the future as his for the taking. The accompanying visual also incorporates Matthew’s talent for visual art, craft ing a decadent world full of references to the fine art that’s inspired him.

Matthews says of the track: “This was the first song I wrote after getting offered the deal. I felt chosen, like I was the Golden Child. There hasn’t been anyone from my city to cut through with this sound and this narrative. It’s rooted in accomplishment and validation. So many of the things I had worked toward had come together and this was the first song where I could say that. I was right about everything I was saying when nobody saw the vision. It’s the answer to all the prophetic songs of my past. Now I’m here… this is who I am and how I feel, right now at this moment. It’s victorious, it’s Golden.”

He continues, saying of the video: “This visual is everything I saw in my head as I wrote the song. It’s confident, it’s extra, its decadent; it’s a fantastical version of how I see myself every time I sing those lyrics. It’s also a more beauty-based extension of the visual world we are creating. One that is fluid in time and representation. Pulling from visions and visual art as always, the goal is to make something surreal and dramatic. Something that feels like a painting. Though the life events that inspire the work are very literal, taking those and creating poetry then abstracting it even more visually is the goal for every record… For them to feel as close to my dreams and visions as possible.”

Check out the song and video, out now via Fat Possum Records.

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