Daughter’s request. An open letter was published on the Mirimskaya case

The story of the arrest of the banker Olga Mirimskaya continues to develop. An open letter to the Nobel laureate and editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta appeared on the Web. Dmitry Muratov from the eldest daughter of business woman Natalia Golubovich . In her appeal, she offers to conduct an honest investigation of the whole incident. Mirimskaya's daughter, for her part, promised to provide all the necessary information. & Nbsp;

“ Dear Dmitry Andreevich! The worst thing has already happened & mdash; my mother ended up behind bars. I appeal to you with an earnest request, as a journalist, as a father, as a Nobel laureate and respected person, to tell the truth about this story. I will provide all the materials. Not only for the sake of my mother Olga Mirimskaya, but mainly for the sake of Sonechka, who was separated from her mother for the second time in her life. ''

Banker Olga Mirimskaya was arrested on December 17. Since then, journalists have described her epic in sufficient detail, including telling how, after a series of really detective events, her young daughter Sonya was returned to her homeland. The whole history of & mdash; it is a vivid picture of a variety of events. Here is a whirlwind romance with a young billionaire, and the decision to give birth with IVF, and the disappearance of a surrogate mother, the betrayal of a loved one and the subsequent separation. And most importantly & mdash; two years of struggle for your child.

Time will tell how the story of the woman's arrest will end. But Olga Mirimskaya's eldest daughter would like to hope that her mother will be free.

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