Colleagues of the detained “for pedophilia” deputy Samsonov saw politics in the case

A member of the Primorsky Territory Legislative Assembly from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation was taken with the SOBR at a gas station

“A deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation was detained on suspicion of pedophilia” – hot news with such headlines spread across the websites. The car of the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory Artyom Samsonov, in which he was traveling with his wife Olga, was detained at a gas station. And they took them harshly – with SOBR. Then there was a long search in the apartment. The last accusation against this background sounds like this: “Demonstrated an intimate object to an 11-year-old child and talked about its purpose” …

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The investigator demonstrated the statement of citizen Safronova to the public figures who ran to the deputy's apartment, Samsonov's colleagues in the Legislative Assembly and the lawyer, in which she described how 3 years ago, in 2018, at a recreation center on Shamora, the deputy allegedly showed a teenage boy a certain subject of an intimate purpose, explaining, why is it needed. Also, according to Safronova, Samsonov allegedly agitated her to “join the movement” of Alexei Navalny, danced drunk on the beach in the presence of children “completely naked”, could molest a 14-year-old child and, in general, may be involved in LGBT people.

With such a set of accusations, it’s not even very clear what exactly the investigators were looking for in the deputy’s apartment – documents on the connection with Navalny, an intimate object, or a photo of dancing on the beach. By the way, a little later the photos appeared on the Web. They were posted on the Telegram channel by a certain Sergei Karnaukhov. In the photo from the beach, six naked men are lined up in a row that looks like a “pioneer lineup” on a nude beach. But for nudism, we have not yet been tried. There are also photographs from violent libations: bottles, glasses …

Towards evening, the investigators reported that the injured teenager had been interviewed using a lie detector. And child psychologists found that the boy was not inclined to fantasize. At the same time, it is not reported what the teenager told about. In addition, according to the investigation, three witnesses were questioned. But it is not explained exactly what the witnesses were.

Samsonov's supporters and relatives explain the detention as a “political order”. Say, the fact is that Samsonov is a well-known infiltrator fighter in Primorye. And during the last election campaign, he drank a lot of blood from the local authorities, organizing pickets and even a hunger strike “for fair elections”, and then bombarded the electoral commission with complaints of violations.

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Natalya Kochugova commented on the detention of Samsonov to a local newspaper: “He is not a pervert. He has a wife, he has a son. He has no such inclinations. ”

According to the lawyer of the Primorsky branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Mikhalchenko,“ there is a tent camp on the coastal strip of Shamora, Samsonov rested there, and he began a personal hostile relationship with one of the camp participants … And she, apparently, decided to file a complaint with the police. ”

The final charge against the deputy Samsonov has not yet been formulated. The investigation continues to investigate the situation.

The Investigative Committee showed the arrest of the deputy Samsonov, accused of pedophilia

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