Cassandra Jenkins Shares Video for “Crosshairs (interlude),” Releases Live Album

Dec 02, 2022

By Joey Arnone

Cassandra Jenkins has shared a video for the song “Crosshairs (interlude)” from her newest album, An Overview on Phenomenal Nature. The video is a collaboration between Jenkins, filmmaker Adinah Dancyger, and writer, sex worker, and political activist Liara Roux. Jenkins has also shared a collaborative live album with Suhail Yusuf Khan. View the video and stream the album below.

In a press release, Jenkins states: “Songs have many faces, and I wanted to explore the subconscious side of Crosshairs’ DNA by collaborating with other artists I love to create something tender and surreal. I wanted to capture the kind of intimacy that happens between strangers, or two people who are exploring each other for the first time, and the way it opens up our psyches. The shoot was less of a performance, and more of a playful, intuitive scene.”

Dancyger states: “‘Crosshairs’ reflects a curiosity about the subjective experience of intimacy. The magnification of details of the human form brings an otherworldly sense of such a human experience, a sacred feeling that can happen through human connection.”

Roux adds: “I was so excited when Cassandra asked me to participate in this shoot—it was as though she read my mind! ‘Crosshairs’ is my favorite song off the album. It’s moody and tender, captures that ineffable beauty of finding yourself falling into someone else and I think the video reflects that.”

An Overview on Phenomenal Nature came out in 2021 via Ba Da Bing. Read our interview with Jenkins, where she discusses the album.

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