Career Woman Shares New Single “The Little Dipper”

Jul 08, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Holly Gable

Career Woman is the moniker of LA-based singer/songwriter Melody Caudill. Since releasing her first EP at 14, Caudill has been steadily building her songwriting talents, inspired by rising Gen Z names like Snail Mail and Cavetown as well as classic touchstones like Elliot Smith. We last heard from Caudill with her 2020 EP, Teacher’s Pet in 2020, and she returned this year with her new singles “Balcony’’ and, most recently, “The Little Dipper.”

“The Little Dipper” is another plaintive acoustic ballad from Career Woman, this time reflecting on the frustration of quarantine and the uncertainty of what the future might hold. At only 17, Caudill’s songwriting is already deeply cutting and emotionally resonant, perfectly encapsulating the isolation and confusion of spending her waning teenage years in quarantine. Her delicate phrasings and contemplative imagery reflect back on the constantly changing world and her frustratingly static environment. She confesses, “I’ve been rearranging my room/Makes me feel like I’m moving away soon/But I’m not/I’m still in my cocoon/But things are feeling different than they used to.”

As Caudill explains, “‘The Little Dipper’ is basically a diary of the first couple months of quarantine. During that time I was losing a friend, feeling angry at the world and government, and reflecting on the weight of being stuck at home during my last years of being a teenager, and the song is pretty much just word vomit about all of those feelings.”

Check out the song and lyric video below, out now via Lauren Records.

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