Bowerbirds Share Video for New Single “All This Rain”

Apr 06, 2021

By Joey Arnone

Photography by Libby Rodenbough

Indie folk band Bowerbirds have shared a video for their new single “All This Rain.” It is the latest release from their upcoming album, becalmyounglovers, which will be out on April 30 via Psychic Hotline/Secretly Distribution. The video was directed and edited by frontman Phil Moore, and features Moore’s son. Watch it below.

Moore talks about the inspiration behind the song in a press release, stating: “‘All This Rain’ was written when I was living out in the country by myself. It was a lot about deciding how to deal with my depression. With life in general, we’re holding it together, we’re going to our jobs and getting a paycheck, but there’s always this lingering idea that you could just walk away from it all, from the trappings of society. That was the thought behind this song, sincerely asking myself—what do you want to do to really propagate your life? It ultimately ends in a question, but it feels hopeful at the end. It’s a favorite of mine on the album, because it really digs deep into that question of, What are we actually doing on the planet if we’re not happy? Are we really alive and doing what we want to do, and giving enough time to our family, and able to focus on the beautiful parts?”

Previously released songs from the upcoming album are “Moon Phase” and “Seems Impossible.” The band’s last album, The Clearing, came out in 2012 via Dead Oceans.

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