Björk Announces New Album’s Cover Art, Tracklist, and Release Date

Aug 31, 2022

By Joey Arnone

Björk has announced the release date of her forthcoming album, Fossora, which will be out on September 30. She has also shared the album’s cover art, featured above, along with its tracklist. Vidar Logi shot the cover art, with Björk and James Merry serving as creative directors. View the album’s tracklist below.

In an Instagram statement alongside the announcement, Björk states:

“each album always starts with a feeling
that i try to shape into sound
this time around
the feeling was landing
( after my last album utopia which was all island in the clouds element air and no bass )
on the earth and digging my feet into the ground”

She adds that the album is sonically “about bass, heavy bottom-end. We have six bass clarinets and punchy sub.”

Last week, Björk announced the release of a new podcast, entitled Björk: Sonic Symbolism, which will premiere on September 30 via Mailchimp Presents and Talkhouse.

Fossora Tracklist:

1. Atopos
2. Ovule
3. Mycelia
4. Sorrowful Soil
5. Ancestress
6. Fagurt Er í Fjörðum
7. Victimhood
8. Allow
9. Fungal City
10. Trölla-Gabba
11. Freefall
12. Fossora
13. Her Mother’s House

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