Beachy Head (Feat. Slowdive and The Flaming Lips Members) Announce Debut Album, Share “Destroy Us”

Mar 23, 2021

By Joey Arnone

Beachy Head (a newly-announced band consisting of Rachel Goswell and Christian Savill of Slowdive, Matt Duckworth of The Flaming Lips, Steve Clarke of The Soft Cavalry, and Ryan Graveface of Black Moth Super Rainbow) have announced a new self-titled album, which will be out on April 30 via Graveface. The band has also shared a song from the album titled “Destroy Us.” Listen below. Above is the album’s cover art.

According to The Line of Best Fit, the project began when Savill started writing and demoing songs and then the other members got involved. The band’s name is inspired by a chalk cliff in the UK that is both a popular tourist spot, but also known as a place where people take their own lives.

Goswell was also in The Soft Cavalry with Clarke and the two are married.

Check out our 2019 interview with The Soft Cavalry, along with our 2017 interview with Goswell on the making of Slowdive’s self-titled album.

Beachy Head Tracklist:

1. Warning Bell
2. Michael
3. Distraction
4. All Gone
5. Looking for Exits
6. October
7. Hiddensee
8. Destroy Us

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