Ásgeir Shares Video For New Single “Borderland”

Oct 04, 2022

By Joey Arnone

Ásgeir has shared a video for his new single “Borderland.” It is the latest single to be released from his forthcoming album, Time On My Hand, which will be out on October 28 via One Little Independent. View the Einar Egils-directed video below.

In a press release, Ásgeir states: “This was the last song to be put on the album and came about pretty spontaneously. I was playing around on an old Memory Moog in the studio and made a loop of some synths and a drum machine, then I improvised some melodies on top of that. When I had the basic layout of the song I got my father to write some words for it. He quickly sent me a lyric in Icelandic—‘á Milli svefns og vöku’—which means between wakefulness and sleep.

“The lyric is about a man that’s between being awake and asleep, dreaming that he’s on his way to paradise to meet his lover. In this sort of hallucinatory state, he can hear her voice talking and singing but he always wakes up before he reaches her. This state is often connected to heightened creativity.”

Video director Egils adds: “When Ásgeir sent me the song, I was immediately inspired to write this story. A love story about an insomniac obsessed with sound. Myself, I’ve been obsessed with certain sound frequencies after I was diagnosed with tinnitus in my ear a few years ago, and even though this ghostly story is not about tinnitus I can relate to this same obsession.”

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