Andrew Weatherall Unreleased Mix of Warpaint’s “The Fool” To Be Released for Record Store Day 2021

Apr 08, 2021

By Joey Arnone

Photography by Mia Kirby

A previously unreleased mix of Warpaint’s 2010 album The Fool done by late British musician/producer Andrew Weatherall will be made available for Record Store Day 2021 (June 12). This new version features different track sequencing (the songs are in the order Weatherall initially envisioned for the album) and new album artwork. It will be made available via Rough Trade. Check out the new artwork and tracklist below.

Geoff Travis, founder of Rough Trade, states in a press release: “I remember that one of the main reasons why we wanted Andrew Weatherall to mix the Warpaint album was because we loved his brilliant work on the Primal Scream remix of ‘Higher Than tThe Sun.’ I know that we discussed this particular track with Emily [Kokal, frontwoman of Warpaint] and she knew it of course and also loved it. I think it was a key reason they agreed to let Andrew do the mix.”

Weatherall’s mixes of “Baby” and “Undertow” both made it on the original album, but the other mixes are previously unheard. The new release includes a final version of “Jubilee,” previously released in demo form and not included on the original version of The Fool.

Weatherall passed away last year at the age of 56.

The Fool Tracklist:

Side A

1. Warpaint
2. Undertow
3. Bees

Side B

4. Jubilee
5. Shadows

Side C

6. Majesty
7. Baby

Side D

8. Composure
9. Lissies Heart Murmur
10. Set Your Arms Down

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