A thousand from Zelensky threatens to quarrel his voters

People are annoyed by the conditions set

The topic of 1,000 hryvnia ($ 37) owed to everyone vaccinated against COVID-19 has supplanted almost all other problems in the minds of Ukrainians. Skeptics see the surprise PR move as a countermeasure against an ongoing collapse. rating of President Zelensky. To be objective, the project, which strongly resembles a banal bribery of the voter, is clearly damp. Even his inspirers from the office of the President of the Republic admit this.

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The ill-conceived idea shows through in everything. Starting from sources of payments to all concerned about their own health. Originally pledged for the distribution of money 6 billion hryvnia & ndash; in fact, the amount is scanty, it is unlikely to be enough even for those who have already been vaccinated. Knowledgeable people call the amount 9-10 billion. And if, after Zelensky's televised address, Ukrainians really “ rush '' to vaccination points and have time to get a second injection before December 19 (before the start of massive payments by the “ most conscious ''), then they may not wait for rewards. & nbsp;

Recall that according to the initial estimates of the clever people from the president's office, the citizens of the country who have been vaccinated will be given a thousand hryvnia not with cash, but, for example, with a certificate – for visiting a fitness center, cinemas, other bright shows, and also for traveling within the Fatherland. At the same time, they say, spend “ bonus '' hryvnia for the purchase of train tickets will be prohibited. & nbsp;

Similar proposals will apply to other designated by Zelensky “ addressees '' guaranteed financing. Some theaters, museums and gyms will be denied their request to “ profit from the state budget. '' Other institutions of culture and art (for example, “ Vecherniy Kvartal '' – the famous brainchild of Vladimir Zelensky the showman), on the contrary, will get from the bounty of the president's office. & Nbsp;

MK correspondent; decided to overhear the 'voice of the people' at one of the vaccination points, located on the 1st and ndash; m floor of one of the major stations of the South-Western Railway. To my surprise, those wishing to be vaccinated and & nbsp; get 1000 Vovin's money turned out to be quite a lot.

True, none of those waiting in line admits that they are eager to quickly become the owner of the “ cash prize from Zelensky ''. The reason for the appearance at the vaccination point is mainly called the requirement of the authorities. It allegedly threatens to be suspended from work if you show up again without a covid certificate.

The day before on the Facebook page “ Overheard in Korosten '' proposed to discuss the promise of Volodymyr Zelensky “ starting from December 19 to pay everyone who got two vaccinations, 1000 hryvnia. '' “ Who thinks it's cool – like it, '' wrote & nbsp; admirer of the president.

Judging by the content of the comments, the initiator of the discussion quickly regretted the proposal he had just made. Due to the abundance of outraged posts, he had to disable comments on his own post.

What are the residents of Korosten displeased with? Yes, everyone! And a meager amount (Zelensky came to the post as a millionaire after the oligarchs promised him a “ ticket to the billionaire club ''), and the exchange of imaginary hryvnias for the services of a fitness center – what kind of fitness club is there in a dying Polesie village, excuse me? People polls “ sit aground '', even women in the morning go to the forest with axes & ndash; chop branches for the winter … And & nbsp; even the promised “ from beyond the hillock '' either six or nine barges with coal. This very imported fuel will only last for an incomplete week. Then how to load boiler rooms in cities and towns?

MK at one time he told what queues from the early morning the Ukrainians took for “ Yulina's thousand. '' This money, as a partial compensation for the lost deposits of the former Sberbank of the USSR, I remember, did not help the politician very much: the presidential election of Prime Minister Tymoshenko in 2010 lost to Viktor Yanukovych. Viktor Fedorovich, by the way, also promised to “ continue the process. '' Alas, after the events of 2013-2014, no one promises to return anything to those who grew up in the Union …

Zelensky's attempt to cajole the electorate with $ 37 certificates, admits the director of the Ukrainian Barometer sociological service Viktor Nebozhenko, evokes a feeling of pity “ for an unconditionally talented and successful person. '' In 2019, Vladimir Alexandrovich was absolutely sure that the luck that accompanied him in business and on the stage would not leave him in politics either. However, life outside of concert and film sets turned out to be much more bizarre and harsh for Zelensky. Especially in politics.

“People with sincere pleasure went to his concerts, paid him good money for humor and laughter,” the Kiev political scientist continues. & ndash; They rejoiced and laughed. Instead of crying, as now, when Zelensky is forced to desperately extinguish their widespread disappointment, pay his former voters 1,000 hryvnias. for patience and love for him that has not yet evaporated. '' The Ukrainian president, “ resorting to the commercial method, hopes to use it to raise his fallen rating … ''.

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